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Nucs help please!

Ok, finally really getting my nucs this time! They are paid for and ready to pick up tomorrow after 9pm. The woman said to put the nucs on top of their hives and leave them til the next day. How long should I leave them for? If I left them til 5pm the day after, will they be ok? And I have my sugar ready to make sugar water for my in hive feeders. I think I’m ready!!

Yes they will be fine in the nuc for a day. They would have enough stores.

I think it would be helpful to keep the nucs shaded during the day. If you’re going to leave them there all day, a good idea would be to place the nucs, entrance open in the exact position the hive entrance is going to be. The bees will orientate to that position so that when you transfer them, they are already oriented to that location. Definitely open the entrance in any case, just in case you weren’t going to.