Nucs coming tomorrow!

So I have 2 hives ready for their nucs that are arriving tomorrow! Ahh I am so excited/nervous! So I have been trying to research as much as I can (this forum is so great!). So I take out my 5 inner frames and replace them with the 5 nucs. And then I shut the hive and how long til I check it again? And do I need the sugar water for the nuc? Thanks!

You got it right! :wink:

At least a week, and for a nucleus, I would leave it 2 weeks if it came with at least 1 frame of honey stores.

Only if there isn’t a frame of honey in the nucleus frames. There should be, but not all beekeepers are honest when they make nuclei.

Also, don’t put the super on. Plus in your region, consider a second brood box, but don’t add it until the first is full up to overflowing. Your winters are cold, hard and long, with dry seasons too. I think your local beekeepers would suggest double brood too. :blush:

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Ditto to Dawn’s advice and knock the hive down to a brood box to begin with then add boxes one at a time when the colony need the extra room. Too much unneeded space will only do harm.