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Observation Hive


Hi all, I know there are small Obs hives on the market n Flow Super comes that way but been thinking about building a 10 frame langstroths brood box with a glass or clear poly window. Any thots or ideas. I have a nice little woodshop so I should be able to accomplish it if I am careful n plan a bit.
Excited to learn more,


I looked at this a while back and put it in the hard tray. Had a lot of problem rebating the hole. I know it would probably be easier with a router. I was using a drill and round rasp.

My thoughts now would be to put in a whole side of glass. You could put a wooden frame around the inside to glue or screw the glass to and the wooden cover be a wall with a angle piece all around so it just slips over the top, sides and bottom.

Once the glass (or clear poly) is in the integrity of the box would be maintained and further strengthened by the cover wall which would encase it to the box.

An other suggestion made to me was to use a clear glass cover board over the top.



Those ideas n thots are great foods for thought. Thanks for input. Like my mom use to say, I’ll have to put those pipe n chew on it ! Mom had a round of funny saying as long as my arm. I think if I was to use a full clear side or end I’d use clear poly. I’ve had mixed success drilling holes in glass for jewelry boxes.

I do have several small n larger powerful routers n a router table. I should be able to figure out a way to countersink the glass into the wood sides like Flow hive does.


I have these on all my hives.
Really useful to be able to look in without disturbing the bees.


I see JeffH has the whole side in his observation hive seen in:


Interesting video… Never really seen a Werre Hive around here but I am sure some body must do it. Like Jeff’s simple Obs Hive. I’m thinking of just obs glass in one side n end. The idea of glass on top is cool thot too. Thanks for that tif-bit Bro. Nice to have others to bounce ideas off. Have an idea BANK in our brain give us blocks to build on. Have a great weekend.

Kind of a stormy weekend thus far. We have rain hitting our east windows n the wind chimes singing loudly too. The blue is snow showers falling now in the Cascade Mtn range about 30 miles east of us. It’s really piling up a real welcome change from winters 2014-15 of little snow n drought up n down the West Coast. I’m the dot 25 ms SE of Seattle.

Take care.


Yes cooling down here today 26 C. Been in the mid to high 30’s C daytime and hovering 19- 23 C at night past week. Only one day above 40 C so far this year but our hot month Feb coming fast.
Should know tomorrow or Tues when my Nuc will be available for pick up. So things are getting exciting.



Wow ! 40 dgs C is way too HOT for us ! That’s about 95 dgs F up here. We had some weird 100 dgs drought weather last summer ( not normal ) … We usually idle between 75 to 85 during our Summer August here ( about 24 to 34 dgs C ) … No wonder your bees need good ventilation… Our high was 9 dgs C n low was 6 dgs C. Here’s high in my Wx station …


Actually 40 C is about 104 F:wink:


:smile:. Guess I am not too good at that conversion stuff ! In bed now. Nitie nite ! Keep cool


Not sure if they still do but when I was a kid if it got to 100° they were supposed to send us home from school - I never remember it happening though


When we went to school 100 F was not nearly as hot as 100 F is today LOL. Today most class rooms are air conditioned so the going home is not an option.

My son’s first job was is in an open pit gold mine at Leinster (Nth of Kalgoorlie) as a drillers offsider. They were able to stop when the temperature in the pit reached 48 C. This temp was reached reasonably often during summer. The driller was OK in his air conditioned cab but the offsiders were out there changing rods in the heat.