Flow box with viewing window

Hi All not sure if the flow boxes that come with the flow frames on the standard have the viewing windows as per the promotion videos?
If not i am looking at adding the windows in on the side of the box so the kids can see what is happening without too much disruption to the hive.
Am looking at 1mm polycarbonate. Will adding that 1mm on the inside of the box on the one side affect the bee space for them to work effectively?

mmm haven’t thought of that. Am keen to adapt some Warre principles to the Langstroth though like the quilt with wood shavings for ventilation so may not be having a crown board.

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Because the windows look so COOL! And because I figure you can see the ends of the frames from the theft window.

I want a window too, and plan for a quilt as well, for our damp foggy San Francisco weather.

Dexter you are being entirely TOO practical!

; -)

Through the clear end-frame view, you can see when the honey is ready without opening up the hive.
This is from the flow hive promotion, so there should be a clear wnd frame window!

Hi Andrew, I have done exactly that to be rid of my condensation problems causing black mould across the top of the super frames. Its still early days but it appears to be working. The quilt prevents the moisture dripping down on to the bees and chilling the brood as well as providing extra insulation from the elements. I have previously inserted ventilation holes but the bees propolis this up.

I got a couple of foam quilts for mine thinking about cold Midlands (UK) weather and it has been known to get to -15ºC with wind chill in winter

Thanks for the feedback Rodderick about the initial results. Sound promising. For those that want to know a bit more here is the blog that got me thinking down that path.

Thats the one Andrew, and you can use stock standard materials from any bee supply shop and hardware store. I wrote a short post on a facebook group just last week on how it’s done.

Hi Rodderick. Sorry im not on Facebook is there another other way to read it? Keen to see it. Did you get get a gabled roof. I guess it is must to allow space for air circulation above the wood carvings. Any way back on topic any word from the flow team about the window on the boxes when the ship?

No problem, I used the following website as a guide and then made them up for a couple of 10 frame langstroths. The roof I got from a bee supply store, its really for an 8-frame hive and the next project will be constructing a Warre’ roof for the 10-frame box.

Condensation causing black mould across the top of the hive

a couple of migratory lid frames painted up for weatherproofing

any breathable material can be used, even hession or stock feed bags

Quilt with bark, wood shavings or even sugar cane mulch can be used, this lays across the top of the super, bees can move between frames from underneath, not over the top. However you could adapt to allow bees to walk over the the top of the frames if so desired.

Quilt on the hives


Thanks for posting. So the top frames are in contact with the quilt? Love the chimney mate!

This is interesting I think I have just assumed the viewing window is part of the hive design, and that it would be on the hive but looking at the site and the description in the campaign there is no mention of a viewing window so now I am doubting that it actually is…

Yep, quilt is in contact, I have seen a few old timers use a cloth or synthetic cover to prevent burr comb up to the roof so it should be right. A touch of class with the chimney don’t you reckon.


I’m also planning to adapt the Warre quilt/shavings top for my new hive. I am considering using geotextile for the quilt as it’s porous, inert and not subject to rot. Does anyone know if geotextile would be suitable?

The gable roof and the chimney make it a real home!

Not sure about geotextiles but if money was not a issue gortex would be ideal considering its breathable layer on the underside and then the waterproof layer on the wood shaving side. Now where did I put those fishing waders?

Great idea! I have a couple of old gortex jackets in my shed. When my Treasured Lady put them in the throw out pile a few years ago I just couldn’t bear to part with such expensive gear. Thanks for the suggestion.

With the flowframes and gortex in your hive you will be the most technically advanced beek in your neighbourhood! Let us know how you go with it.

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