Obtaining bees in Autumn

I live in an Arid part of South Australia and I am just wondering if it is okay to obtain bees during autumn which has just begun here.
I am currently struggling to obtain bees to fill my first flow hive which I obtained mid- February. So at this stage my hive sits empty.
Any suggestions/ideas? Or is it beneficial to wait until after winter now?

I think I would wait till early spring so they are in a natural buildup phase. At present my bees are starting to reduce their population which is the natural cycle here with winter coming up. Starting a hive in autumn would kind of go against the natural ebb and flow of the annual hive population. After saying that its only semi arid here so your conditions could make a difference.

I would look for a supplier and pre order a nuc for early next spring if I were you.

In the meantime set up your bee area, consider a shadecloth cover to help in the heat of summer but make it removable so they get the sun in winter.

How’s that for a sitting on the fence answer?



Cheers Rob

Any information is better than no information. Gives me something to think about and more of an idea than what I had before I posted my question so thanks.
Didn’t consider a shade cloth before either so that might get utilised too.

I should add that I got a text message from a local swarm catcher yesterday about a swarm established in a bird box at the local nursing home so might have an established colony + honey stores for winter, something to fill the hive
And probably better shelter than the bird box.