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Starter box finished and waiting for bees


Well, as a complete newbee I thought I’d start slow. Buy a good book or two. Absorb them and whilst doing that start to build and paint a starter kit.

I bought a plastic trestle table from Bunnings for a base and will house this hive and the Flow hive on that once it arrives.

I have gathered all the tools and protective gear I think I’ll need like smoke blower etc.

Now for some bees. I might duck out today and sort out a nuc box for them to travel in.


Oh and this isn’t going to be the hive location. I’m just setting up on the back deck to see how things fit together. What do people think about under a big mango tree?


Hi Kevin, looking good… almost there. How did you go sourcing bees for spring? Under a tree is OK for bees as long as they get some sun during the day, preferably the morning sun. I am not too confident about that table, I use the same type for the farmers market in Sydney to sell honey but I wouldn’t consider it strong or stable enough for a bee hive. I find the best stand to be an old pallet, they are free, sturdy and low to the ground for lifting bee boxes on and off. Attaching a photo of a new hive delivery last week, just prop and level on a few bricks and you’re done.

This one has been painted with a decking stain for waterproofing.


Thanks Rod. I have a couple of pallets laying around. Sound advice thanks.

One of the members (Jeff) has kindly offered to sell me a nuc.

Whereabouts are you located?


I am Sydney not far from the coast and the climate is good for bees year round. 20C days and 8–10C nights. The only other advice I feel compelled to give you is to keep a close eye on your hive, small hive beetle is predicted to be bad next summer. One of the worst on record last summer, many beekeepers I know lost a good percentage of their hives. Best to plan and prepare early. What do you have on your new hive in the way of traps? Anything as yet?


I’ve added a beetle trap with DE in it. So far. I am in Brisbane so similar climate.