Overwintering in -5/15 F , leave flow frames on or off?

I live in NE Ohio. Our winters are usually-5/15 F for several months. Local beekeepers say to leave bees about 60lbs. of honey for the winter. Where do i leave the honey? In the flow frames, add a shallow super in fall for them? Will they leave honey in the brood box? I am a new bee keeper … in case you couldn’t tell.

You will need a second deep brood box below the queen excluder and Flow super. The bees will put the honey in there. A deep will hold 50-70lb of honey, so when it is full, they have their winter stores. :blush: Fill the first box before you add the second deep. Fill the second deep before you put the Flow super on top of the hive. Take the Flow super off over winter.