Package Installed: Cold Bees

Well, got the package this A.M.; then installed around noon.
Temp then: 52F
Temp now/4:42P: 50F
Temp 2night: 43F

3lb package.
About 3 dozen left in shipping cage at noon, and now just 6-10.
Still outside the hive around 2 dozen total.
The bees that are visible outside the hive are beyond lethargic, from th cold I assume.
Left the queen excluder on. Put the inner cover over that.
Have zip loc bag of sugar water on the inner cover. No bees in sight feeding.
Rained just before installation. I hope the bees are rehydrating themselves.

I fear for their welfare with this cold.
Is there anything more I can do for them?

PS: I have an electric heating mat for seed germination I could slip under the brood box, but I don’t dare use it with rain forecast. Has anyone used this piece of equipment?

I don’t think I would use one of these without a temp regulator. And honestly I doubt it’s necessary. They will cluster up and keep warm on their own. 40-50F isn’t really “that cold” in the big scheme of things.

I am new to bee keeping; however, it sounds like you have done all that you can. It is now up to the bees to settle in. The main concern is the queen right now and the hive will keep her warm while building out comb for their future. You should have a better idea of wha tis going on in 72 hours. Good job by the way. I put my 3lbs in on Tuesday. Cant wait to see their progress.