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Paint for Pine Flow Hive


I have painted my flow hive with Taubans Sunproof Exterior in Low Sheen Neutral. Will this do the job? I live in the Tablelands QLD where it gets quite wet and mouldy. I would like to avoid getting mould on it, however being low sheen it doesn’t feel as if it’s covered it enough. Should I coat it with something else?


If you followed the manufactures instructions you should be fine. If in doubt do another coat.



Thanks AdamMaskew :grinning:


I would give the timber an extra coat of paint more than is recommended. That will at least make the finish last longer.
Welcome to the forum, lot of information and help available here.


Thanks you Peter48, I have given it about 3 coats. It should last like you suggest, it just still feels raw so I might give it a coat of varnish as well. There is so much information on here, I am looking forward to reading everyones posts.


l wouldn’t apply varnish over paint, don’t be nervous about putting an extra coat of paint on, I apply two very thick coats of paint and sometimes a 3rd.
Paint is a cheap option than the timber becoming damp and rotting in a few years. I plan on by hives lasting at least 10 years with a single repaint in that time if it is needed. A good time for painting and a good drying time with water based paint.