Painting a hive (advice)

I am looking to paint my flow hive and live in England, does anyone have any recommended colours for bees and paint brands which can withstand the very prominent British weather.
Thx Hugo

Hi Hugo,

If you google painted been hives uk you’ll get loads of ideas. I prefer tung oil on the natural wood but I’m about to let a bunch of 3-5yr olds decorate a FlowHive2 any way they want.

Exterior paint oil or latex based will help protect from weather. images offset_527736


I just use any pale shade scrap paint. Here are more concerned with the heat and not the rain…


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Scrap paint here too! Except for the cedar Flow super - I had tung-oiled it at first but it was starting to show signs of mildew, so I sanded it & gave it two coats of an exterior grade polyurethane clear finish. I also painted the peaked Flow roof slats a pale yellow, due to the mildew and slightly greater heat absorption of the wood vs light paint color. Just don’t paint the insides of your boxes :wink:


thx guys for all the great advice.