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Perth beekeepers how many have we got

Gday all curious to know how many beekeepers have we got on this site or how many are looking to become beekeepers . How many have you got and your location in Perth

Hi Sticky Prick, sorry haven’t responded earlier, ISP failed, now connected to new one. I’m a newby in Perth, W.A. member of Association, (when I renew membership, l.o.l.) Live in Northern suburbs and find few bee keepers around my area. Got one hive, started out with knock off Flow Hive, before realising the crap quality and that it was a knock off. Have now replaced the brood box with a local built one, added another box on top and awaiting the spring flow. Fingers crossed. B.T.W. noticed on adding the second box, my lid has some mould forming underneath, is this a problem ?