Perth summer inspections


Would it be ok to inspect hive at around 8-9am on these 40° days? I almost expire in the middle of the day in the suit.


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Yes, I would even go earlier. You are looking to inspect when the bees have started to forage so there is less bees in the hive and the temp is warm enough. During summer I’ve inspect as early as 6:30. The bees are flying and it is above 20oC and getting warmer.



Hi Jos77, welcome to the forum.
Stating the obvious, no open fires and this includes smokers, on total fire ban days regardless of time.
Adding to this it will also depend on your area and neighbours. Here in the hills, regardless of the fire danger alert, any smoke is regarded as a potential fire and it encouraged to report and signs of fire to the authorities.
Yes smokers can and have caused fires and must be used responsibly with caution regardless of the season, we can get a bit blasé and make careless errors as I’m reminded by the marks on the table I put the smoker on when it was ‘out’.:wink:


Thank you kindly Adam, that time sounds marvelous to me :smiling_face:

Hi Skeggley,

Yes, fire ban definitely taken into account. Thank you for your reply also. :smiling_face:

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