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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

Hiya Adam, I saw the article on your presentation, nice one, well done mate. :+1:

Cheers. The Perth one was probably the weakest of the talks. Had fun with the smaller groups at Margs and Bunbury.

Hope everyone’s bees had as good a day as mine in the LL. 1.18kg up for the day…



@AdamMaskew what scales are you using? Arnia? Openhive? WiFiScales? Something else? I’ll still on the lookout for an affordable proposition…

WiFiScales, with two load cells and rapid fire (customisable measurement increments). I also have an original two cell WiFiScale on another LL.

It was the best bang for buck we could find when we were looking a couple of years ago. A few more options out now.


Adam, how do you relate humidity in the brood box to increase in brood activity?
I see higher humidity in some hives. Do you think it indicates more brood activity?

I equate higher humidity to an absence of bees from that part of the hive. I haven’t seen that much of a difference in humidity between the brood and active areas (40-60% humidity rh). I see the humidity get higher than this when bees are absent from the hive (70-90% rh)

The graph below shows this I hope. You can see I had bees active around two sensors but not the third. Only one of those areas had brood a month ago. I find temperature a much better indicator of where the brood is. I have also found that sensor location is very important. Top of frames do not provide an indication of what is happening on the frame below, the bees will “block” the gap between the frames to manage temp and humidity.

@AdamMaskew Thanks. I was about to purchase them last night held off after I saw your post.

I don’t have the wifi range to hives and our mobile coverage is nil to poor. Our internet is through NBN satellite. So it would not be suitable for me.

I’ve been looking for something affordable and wanted to ensure @AdamMaskew hadn’t found another option. I’ve looked at the GSM options and they all seem too rely on 2G… Which no longer works in Oz.

Try looking at OpenHive. You can dummy up a mobile device. I don’t think you’ll have remote access but you can get data when you go to the hive.

WiFi scale gsm works on our network. I have a friend down Margs way with 2 gsm scales.

There are more options but Im yet to find one that is better for my needs.

Busso regarding WiFi signal you can get extenders so that you can push your range out a far way.


Yes, but starts to get more complicated.

Ain’t that the truth? :thinking: The number of times I have to reboot my network and all peripherals in the correct order so that they keep working is almost a part time job! :blush:

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Isobel Nikoloff NEWBIE to Flow Hive calling you. Yes, i too started Feb 2019. Right now i see only bees in observation window and assume swarming imminent. I need assistance to at once do split (after buying/building brood box or boxes)… can you please give my name ISOBEL NIKOLOFF and tel. 08 9293 1865 to local/semi local flow hivers??? iza

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Hiya Isobella, welcome to the forum.
If your bees are about to swarm now I’d be surprised. Very surprised!
We’re not in a Flow and I’m seeing little build up just down the way in Goosie Hill. Is the super on the hive?
You may like to edit your number out of the above post, best kept for PM’s only.