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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

Time to bump the thread again.
A quick peek at the colony’s today showed the bees know somethings up. The supers are finally being populated. I’ve left the supers on since spring and there’s been little to no action upstairs since which made me keep a close eye on them. Thinking that although the brood box(s) had a healthy population at the time, I’d put them on too early. Like a few months too early. And I probably did. But, now I’m observing a change. Finally.
So, last years best producer, the shady hive, has used up all the honey frames in the hybrid super. This is the same colony that nearly perished due to starvation a few years back. Pre WSP. The old pot colony, also with a hybrid, has a full super, ripe for harvesting. Go figure. The others, just ticking over.
To see such marked differences between colony’s within a stones throw from each other is curious.
Anyway this is just an observation I thought I’d share.
Early Feb Marri flow?


Thanks @skeggley. I’ve been curious about an update on your ‘next’ inspection. Fingers crossed for a Feb marri flow…