Pesticides Killing the World's Bees

We all know its happening, especially in the US. An interesting article:

100,000 Germans Beekeepers Call for a Ban on GMOs:

As long as we have beekeepers putting an organophosphate that used to be sold as insecticide in the hive, it’s hard to point fingers… but when people act like insecticides don’t kill bees I can’t really follow their logic… Back in the 70’s when I started, every beekeeper I knew would go off on a litany of the “treadmill” aspect of insecticides for anyone who would listen. Then the Varroa arrived and they all jumped on the “treadmill”.

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      Please read Randy Oliver's work ( on this topic:

Correlation is not causation. We need a mechanism, not just a statistical correlation. 99.999% of people drank water the same day that they died… that doesn’t mean it caused their death…

I still don’t understand why people are arguing about neonics and bees. What about neonics and people? You can’t just wash it off like DDT… you have to eat the neonics. They permeate the entire plant. Our brains work with the same acetylcholine receptors that the neonics bind to and never let go…

What about us?

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@Michael_Bush Which is why I’m dead against GMO’s, in principle and that then we eat these foods that are now becoming reliant on the Pesticides - which framers were duped into believe the would never need again are forced now to use - It’s just one big cycle of Mushroom Syndrome (keep them in the dark and feed BS)

Actually GMOs are a different issue. It is related in the sense that the Bt toxin that is in most of the GMO crops has never been in the human diet at the amounts that it is now so we don’t know what that high of an exposure over a long period of time will have (this is also true of neonics). But again, as in neonics, you can’t wash it off. It permeates the entire plant…

The other big downside of the GMOs is the huge increase in the use of Round-up because of Round-up ready crops. We are using it at an unprecedented rate and exposing the entire population of the earth to something that we won’t really know the long term effects of for decades. It would be an improvement if these “experiments” on humans were done on a much smaller scale!

That’s what I was trying to imply - because of the way GMO’ s are not supposed to use pesticides and herbicides, that they are now actually reliant on. The Farmers were duped into using GMO’s that were supposed to save on all these things and, they can’t keep or reproduce the seed and it is all owned by the likes of Monsanto so pretty much now they (farmers) babysit seed for Monsanto and make Monsanto rich, get useless soil, are tied into a system that they cannot change and are pretty much locked into for life of adding insecticides and pesticides to crops that will eventually fail and be poisonous if not already

A sad picture to add to this thread

A syringe places a minute droplet of phenothrin on a honeybee—sedated in a paper cup—to test the effects of the potent insecticide in this experiment by Louisiana State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. From “Quest for a Superbee”