More pesticides approved after being banned!

I’m sure this will be of interest to bee keepers in the US. It is rather alarming that money talks louder than science to those in power, right from the President down.
It was that this pesticide couldn’t be applies when flowers were in bloom, obviously to protect bees and other insects, but that ban has now been removed.


I saw this @Peter48, but it is fairly old news now (several weeks). You know, attitudes in most big organizations (including countries), tend to trickle down from the top.

Many world leaders are behaving like wrecking balls these days - you know, those big iron balls that construction people use for demolition. At least the construction people have a plan about what they are going to build in the space created. Most leaders have no positive plans for the future, only what is expedient for the present. Very depressing.



It is sad the politicians seem to think that pleasing multinational business is more important than listening to the people they claim to represent. At least a demolition company has a plan to build something better.


It’s all about MONEY. Follow the MONEY trail. To some people MONEY comes first, know matter what the consequences are. I could go on and on. If our leaders had grace and compassion it would make our world a much better place for everyone to live.

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