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Pittsburgh Bee Keeping


I’m looking to start keeping bees. Bought a flow hive. Anyone near Western PA able to help?


Before you put bees in see if you can find a local beekeeping club where you can get some lessons and shadow an experienced beekeeper. Is there such a thing near you is the reason you’re asking here because there isn’t? You can’t beat a mentor all to yourself.


I’m about 270 miles east of you. I recommend getting 2 more deep brood boxes for those cold Pittsburgh winters and secure bees for April/May 2017 as early as possible (now).


Dee - According to on line sources there is a local club, however repeated attempts to contact the club/members never receive a response. That’s why I approached members of this forum. Thanks so much for your reply! Steve


Red_Hot, thank you so much for your input. I have looked but I have not been successful in finding someone in western PA from which I can secure bees…not sure what to do from here. Thanks for your response!