Western Washington beekeepers club

Hello all! We are getting bees for our hive this April and are in need of a mentor, and club. We have taken classes but found a lot of negative hostility about having a flow hive. We just want to learn and have a positive experience! We are in Gig Harbor Washington. If there is anyone that is near us that would be fantastic! Thanks

Hi @Eric_GH good luck, I hope you find a mentor who is on side, all this hostility is not in the BEES best interest.

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Wish you were closer ! This will be my second season with a flow-super. I’m also adding 7 frame flow-super to one of my 10 frame Langstroth hive this summer.

I have a monitor with sensors in my Flow-Hive. It was very interesting to see the data n info coming in. I live east of Renton so would little value … I’m always willing to help by chatting over the phone anytime.

Here’s couple pix’s of my set up:

Hope your having a great weekend. Maybe dusting or snow up here or NOT !

Cheers bro,



Don’t let the negative influence or get you down one bit ! I guess being almost 72 yrs I don’t worry or take fake opinion. I make my own judgement.

A lot of beekeepers having opinions without facts or experience ! Flow-hive is nothing more than an 8 frame Langstroth hive with a different honey super on top. Yah ! The plastic frames have to be prepped with beeswax n maybe sugar water around here to use the frMes for honey storage. And a strong nectar flow is a must. Big deal I say. That’s just learning your bees.

People say, it’s too expensive but forget the honey spinner n filtering equipment ain’t cheap either n then we have to have a harvest area (kitchen works) but above that a place to keep all that stainless n plastic.

So don’t panic ! I guess you have your bees ordered, right ? Oh ! And you’ll need a second deep super over over-wintering honey supply (about 60 lbs) or so. If you dont have that second super I’d order it n have it ready.

That cardboard Nuc box the bees come in. Don’t toss !!! It’s a great backup box/hive should you need it in an emergency…

Feel free to contact me n I’ll try best I can to help. If all cr-p hits the fan n my wife is okay I might be able to come over sometime in an Emergency if things can’t be figured out over the phone. I’m a local furnace tech n helped a buddy get his furnace operating n he was in Dallas, Tx.

Cheers to you Eric.


Renton isn’t that far at all! I’d love to see your hives and learn a thing or 5,000 if you have time? balcom31@me.com Any advice before April when we get our bees and after will be greatly appreciated!

My wife and I are looking for someone in our local area who can give plenty of insight into the use of the Flow Hive. I have done close to a years worth of research on the many different ways of raising bees and have attended a bee club meeting where the the flow hive was highly frowned upon due to insufficient operating temps…not sure what this means and neither did the flow team when contacted (the club failed to provide reasoning when asked). We have decided to give the flow a shot and what like to connect with anyone local with experience for advise.

We live in an area between Roy and Eatonville Wa. We do have acreage.


I am in SW Washington, Cathlamet. I’ve had Langstroth hives in past YEARS ago, but wanted easier way to harvest honey. I’m 73 and my back is not same as when younger, so and I am starting new with a 7 flow hive and a mini 4 hive. Getting nucs in March. I can’t wait to get back into bees.
I find nah sayers with traditionalists too. Just have fun with this concept of flow hives. Traditionalists need to BEE-Nice :0)

Eric, I am looking for screen bottom board for my mini 4 flow hive. Found a screened bottom board for my 7 flow hive. Can you help?