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Planning for over-wintering: does Flow Hive have plans for a Medium box?

I am thinking deep thoughts about my brand new Flow Hive 2. Living in upstate NY, I am thinking ahead to over-wintering my bees and would like to have a medium box to put on top of my (beautiful) deep cedar ‘8 frame’ brood box.
Has the Flow Co. considered adding a medium box to their product line?

You can use any standard langstroth box. You can probably find matching wood (obviously not a problem if you’re painting).

Not sure about your local climate but you may want double deep boxes.

Thank you - good point.
I am trying to balance giving the bees sufficient winter stores versus stressing them with too much space (based on Tom Seeley’s advice about modeling wild hives which are on the small volume end of the scale). Also, I just love the appearance of the cedar Flow Hive which we kept by using a clear outdoor stain. Since I may not find a medium cedar box, this may be a sign that I really need a deep one :slight_smile:


Out of stock currently…


With an 8-frame brood box in your region, you may want to consider “double deeps” for the brood. @Eva is not too far from you and I think that is what she uses. I believe that sometimes Flow has extra cedar brood boxes for you to buy in the USA. Is that true, @Freebee2? :wink:

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@Dawn_SD yes we do, and I agree, double deeps can be a good configuration in colder regions.


Not to contradict, but I have stopped using double deeps in favor of a deep + medium for winter. It’s a proportion that seems to work for the bees and suits my management style.

@cmm you can easily cut a deep box down to medium size if you really want a cedar one! In my area hives are better off painted with light colors (my Flow roofs are painted) as wood grain can get pretty hot in the summer.


Thanks so much! Definitely more to think about as I try to get my ducks in a row. What I’m learning is that with so many variables in keeping bees (starting with macro and micro-climate around the hive), a single ‘right’ answer probably doesn’t exist.


This is a great idea and the remaining part of the brood box use as a feeding shim/treating for Verroa.

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