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Plastic comb in the flow hive super... Are its safe?


Hi there.

I am new comer for bees business, i just planned to start my own bees farm, i really exicting with flow hive, but there are many article and videos says that the flow super comb which is made from plastic are dangerous and not a good choice for the honey it self, especially for human consumption… I need to know more about this issue, maybe lot of member of this group who is had more experienced then me could give me more deeply explanation about it.

Thanks before


Not sure where you are hearing that but it is false. So long as you buy an original and genuine flow frame from Flow everything is certified and safe. If you buy a cheap knock-off/counterfeit frame than you do so at your own risk and peril.





Many thanks for your reply, i will examine it, as currently i examine lot information about flowhive from video streaming website channel yte and browsing in internet through search engine… Some videos there and article said about it. So i decide to ask it in this forum so we all can know which one is true from real source and practitioner directly


There is copy Flow Hives for sale that are made in China that are really just junk and a waste of money.
I have an Apiary with flow hives as well as traditional Langstroth hives. Some people have not followed the directions that is well written by Flow Hive in Australia and they have suffered minor problems.
My personal experience so far is that there is no problem with the Flow Hive or with the plastic that is used, and it has been well tested.
Remember that if you decide to invest in the Flow Hive you will still need to inspect and look after the bees and that includes inspecting the brood.
I have mixed thoughts on a beginner buying a Flow Hive first as for the same price you could have 3 Langstroth traditional hives but I am not about to try and change your decision.
Welcome to the forum, there is lots of friendly people here to help you and remember no question is silly if you don’t already know the answer.


Hi Peter

Many thanks for your additional information, it is very usefull for me, now i can understand the whole main frame for all its about, why there is some video and article in outside are made review of negative point regarding flow hive. And now i know there is available imitation product, i also already suspicious about this as in some online seller i found several same looks like product with a very very cheaps price… I am not folllowing to get know about it because i had doubt for that too cheaps price.

Yes… Using a flow hive doesnt mean we ignoring for strongest and healthiness of the colony, we still had to check by open the brood and etc, in my opinion thats the art point for doing apiary business. Do not worry about that.

Yes… Traditional setup langstroth is very cheaps then flow hive, but for me… The tecnolgy in the flow hive made it has own investment calculation , so… Still i will choose flow hive… Until there is found another more good technology in future… Who knows… Hehhee

Thanks for your support peter… I really glad to be in this forum… Share each other… Once more… Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:


The genuine flow hive is made in Australia and only buy from their web site to be sure of getting the genuine Flow Hive.
I don’t know how well you know bee keeping but if you know what a queen excluder is and what it does then you will laugh that some Chinese copy hives have the queen excluder made of bamboo. It is just junk.
Regards to you


Yes, absolutely… I already made contact direct with flow hive and now preparing everything, just had to fix some import tax issue a bit.

I am a begginer but i already examine all by looking video and see some other local bee keeper in here… Well if they made queen excluder by bamboo, maybe want some innovation a bit… Hehehehe…

Once more… Thanks for your kind guidance Peter…


I just found information that in my place… Most of them buying imitation product which is more cheaps…


Some people here in Australia have fallen into the trap of buying the cheap and very poor quality copies also, but they soon regret it. I had a phone call from a person asking if I would look at why he could not get the honey from his Flow Hive. I went and had a look and as I suspected his hive was just a copy. I tried as best I could to open the frames to extract the honey, of the 6 frames I was only able to open 2 of them for him to get the honey. The others were jammed in the closed position.
I bought my hives direct from the Flow Hive people and can honestly say I have not had any problems after doing a few basic steps like brushing melted bee wax on the flow frames, the bees started sealing the comb and in 2 weeks began storing honey in them.


I just seeing the imitation forms, and also seeing an wooden / bamboo queen excluder like you said, its more like air ventilation to me, heheheeh…

well this issue also need to be fixed in future, especially for indonesian honey bee farm community, the big problem are 3 point, expensive price, hardeness for doing import from ausie to Indonesia and also the bad effect of using not good material for super flow comb which will had a big issue related the honey result.


A Flow Hive is expensive but also consider you won’t have to buy a honey extractor, an electric decapping knife and a few other things, I accept it is a big cost though.
I would ask a local import agent or contact flow hive direct about the difficulty to import to Indonesia. It can’t be too hard as there is already Flow Hives there.
The plastic honey comb that is used to make the Flow Hive frames is a food grade plastic, it is safe for humans and for the bees.
When you have the the Flow Super let me know and I can guide you so that the bees will not reject the frames, it is just a couple of simple things to be done and the bees will store surplus honey in the frames… My bees sealed up the frames and began storing honey in my Flow Frames after 2 weeks. Others have had bees reject the frames but there is a reason for that.


I agree with your comparation, but still for some farmer in Indonesia, its still too expensive, we will try to find conclusion for this in near future.

Yes, currently i just contact several import agency for prepare to handling this. The hard point is even Flow hive using branded shipping agency, some import agency has to handle it because local custom will open the package sealed, check everything until deep inside and will find the information through internet for the price and determining the import tax cost, after its paid then agency can handling it and sent to my place… it would be nice if there is available shipping service with one complete package door to door for this, but i think this is also an opportunities for some future business together… :slight_smile:

Regarding plastic extractor explanation, thanks, its made additional for my knowlegde about this.

When i do had flow super, i will contact you, especially for the trick on brushing the comb with wax so the bees will starting produce honey in there.

Keep in touch and thank you so much Peter.