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Wanted: A Flow Hive in West USA


I am interested in purchasing a Flow Hive–new or used. I just can’t afford the cost from Australia. Anyone out there wanting to sell theirs? Please let me know.



Use real caution … There are some Chinese look a likes showing up in the market place already. The Flow-frames are poorly made n from reports don’t work !

If you just want to get into beekeeping n want Cedar hive you can buy from Beethinking.com. They build the Flow-hive. I just orders two deep brood boxes n one medium from them. It takes about one full season before you really need the Flow in many Northern Hemisphere locals. I will probably order my Flow-frame honey super this coming Fall for Spring 2017 delivery. If my bees do build more quickly … I have the medium Super as backup for this year.

This is just a thot !

PS this is a pix of what I bought except I bought one additional deep hive body. We need the double to help winter our bees over here in the Pacific NW of Washington State. I will add the Flow-hive super next year. Kind of helps spread out the cost over couple years.


Thank you, Gerald, for your thoughtful response. It does not surprise me that China has already stolen this technology. Knowing that, I will definitely buy from a reputable source. I am just beginning this journey and can use all the help I can get.
Thanks again!
A fellow traveler, Diane


In case you want to start with a few Flow Frames for financial reasons, you can build or modify any Langstroth sized hives. (in case you can’t find any second-hand Flow Hives to buy).

You can then buy more Flow Frames when you ready. If you have 3 Flow Frames and standard frames beside them - you will have easily accessible honey, and also get the wax as well from the other frames.

The Flow™ frames fit into standard Langstroth deep boxes. If you find plans on the Internet on how to build one of these (or already have one) our Flow™ frames will fit straight in.

It is a simple modification (only 2 cuts) required to convert standard boxes.

Find modification info here - http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/modify-langstroth-box-for-flow/p/142

If you would like to gradually change over to the Flow™ frames in your Langstroth hive you can add Flow™ frames as you go. The box however has to be full with either all Flow™ frames or a combination of Flow™ frames and standard frames.

In an 8 frame Langstroth - 3 Flow™ frames and 4 standard frames fit well, or 6 Flow™ frames.

In a 10 frame Langstroth - 4 Flow™ frames and 4 standard frames fit well, or 7 Flow™ frames.

The height of the Flow™ frame is 240mm; this perfectly fits a Langstroth deep box.

The width of the clear fame ends is set to 50mm. The frames are wider which means they hold more honey and the deeper cells discourage the queen from laying should you choose to experiment with no excluder.

The length of the frame is adjustable. We will be posting them out at the standard Langstroth frame length of 480mm. You can however change their length in increments of 12mm by removing some of the frame parts. This means you can adapt the length of the frames to many different sized hives. Or if you want to get really creative you could make a 2m long frame to go in a wall cavity or make a short frame to insert into a hollow tree hive.

We do have some people selling their hives through this area in the forum - http://forum.honeyflow.com/c/sell-swap-trade-buy


Thank you so much for the suggestion and the helpful information. That may be the route I will have to go. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my request!

I am still in the research stage of beekeeping but I am getting more and more excited every day. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was trying to decide where would be the best place for a hive!

Thanks again!


No problem :slightly_smiling:
I have that problem a lot when I’m excited and have something on my mind.

You might want to start with a brood box now - as this will need to be ready and pumping full of bee’s before you even think about Flow Frames and a super on top.
Maybe even 2 brood boxes depending on how cold it is where you are. By the time they are ready - you might be able to afford some Flow Frames and you can then chuck them on top in a super.


Diane, the Flow-team has given you several good routes if you choose. There suggestion of launching ahead now with at least one brood box or two even better would keep you moving ahead this season.

That is the route I have chosen with the three hive setups I have built this winter n a fourth backup set in the building stages just incase needed.

Mine are all 10 frame Langstroths hive setups. My bee Nuc’s get here sometime mid April 2016 … Thinking seriously of topping all three Later Spring 2017 with Flows. But I at least wanted to get my bee colonies off n going this current season. Good luck whatever your course Diane n enjoy !

Beekeeping soon in the Pacific NW of USA

. This is one of my three ready n waiting !


have you seen this, yet?

an ad for one in Colorado, from this forum.


Not sure what a Hybred Cedar is !? Flow-Hives are made from native red cedar … Not sure about the frames. Interesting !


It is the official name for the Flow Super which has a combination of standard frames and Flow Frames. The box is still made out of western red cedar.



Thankz for the added note n clariification in terms. I wasn’t sure what the writer meant by the word Hybrid frames. With the Chinese look a likes I am cautious of copy n paste adds. :ok_hand:

Cheers from Stateside,


No problem :slight_smile: I would be cautious too. Maybe even asking for proof of purchase from Flow.


Yes ! I agree 100% ! I personally will be ordering direct n going with the 7 frame Flow-hive boxes. I’ll order the coming Fall 2016 for winter or Spring delivery 2017. All the panic n some of the early issue should be worked out. You all have done a fantastic job … Kind of like a 100 yard dash run from my high school day.

I am returning to raising honeybees after 55 years away. Now I am 70 n nearing retirement I heard the tug on my heart to return n continue beekeeping.

I’ve spent off/on all winter building n assembling three 10 frame Langstroth set up n get the gear. I have three Nuc’s arriving sometime mid April. My colonies need this first season to build up the double deeps we use in the Pacific NW east of Puget Sound n Seattle. So just catching up on new issues n problems this season. I’ll top the hives off with honey supers next year 2017. Our goal up here with the pests n winter moisture (rain n cooler temperature) is to get colonies thru winter with stores n then move ahead.

Thankz for for your thots n assistance. Still learning up here in the States,

here are my current completed hives … I have a cedar one coming I will just assembly that I will add my first Flow-Super above in 2017.




I purchased 3 with the cedar boxes, but I made a mistake and got the 8 frame boxes and my hives are 10 frame. If you can use 8 frame boxes let me know. We can work out a good price. I will keep the flow part as I can add a 4 unit to the ones I have now. I live in the Dallas area. koi239@sbcglobal.net


Hello, I am located in WA state and I have an unopened Flow Hive that I no longer need. If you are still looking for a Flow Hive please let me know. Thank you!


I am still looking for a flow hive. What size is it?



Classic Cedar 6 Frame Full Flow Hive, they list it on the site as $699 plus shipping. I’m selling mine for what I paid ($600) plus shipping cost.