Plastic vs Glass jars?

I know plastic is getting a bad rap, but am considering plastic jars for bottling honey. Again.
When I go to the local tip, glass and plastic are still being thrown away, even though the recycling bins are in plain view. I’ve even witnessed local shire workers drive up in shire vehicles, and do the same. What hope is there?
I have friends in the city who have recycling bins but are “too busy” to separate the rubbish and throw it all away. But when they shop, insist on glass??
Glass is more expensive and as with plastic need to be new, NOT used. If society and the government were serious about the issue, would allow glass to be reused.

Glass jars or plastic jars for my honey?

Toss a coin :slight_smile:

You just have to go with whatever you feel comfortable with. If you feel comfortable with your bees storing honey in plastic cells, why not just use plastic containers.

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I have gone from glass jars to plastic tubs because plastic is a by product of oil refining so if handled carelessly so one way or another it will be a problem for the environment, but I ask my customer to bring back the tubs when they want more honey. I have a better result with with plastic tubs than glass jars for some reason in being recycled.
I think it is all about asking your customers to re-use the containers.

My step mum is bringing some honey overseas as gifts. We’re sending it in plastic containers due to the weight…

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Very smart. I must remember that next time I bring honey to our UK family from the US. :blush:

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