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Materials for Storing Honey after Extracting


Hi there I recently went and purchased two big plastic jars to store honey in. I then drilled a hole in them and fitted them with a tap. I was about to fill them with silicone but it occurred to me that I may not be able to wash them safely in a dishwasher. I did some research and they are PETE 1 plastic. Which said they may be dangerous if outbreaks through the dishwasher.
To sell honey I want everything sterilised.
Can users comment on what they use?
Can I put a 20L pale with a gate in the dishwasher?


Honey is not sterile. It contains bacteria (call them probiotics if you like!), yeasts and some other organisms.

I actually use 2 litre mason jars to collect and store honey, then I aliquot (divide it up) into smaller jars as needed. The mason jars go through the dishwasher, but the lids I wash by hand, as they are either plastic, or they have rubbery plastic lid seals which would not do well in very hot caustic water.


No need for sterility
Clean is enough


Hi Tom, I store all my honey in the food grade buckets (20L and 30L) you pictured here, some with honey gates for easy jar’ing and others just in the bucket for settling purposes. I wash all my jars through the dishwasher, the buckets are washed with warmed sudsy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried in the sun. You can get buckets of all different sizes just make sure the plastic is food safe.