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Pollen in super


Hi I was wondering if pollen is placed in the flow frames by the bees, does that cause problems, as it can be quite solid I have been told.


Haven’t heard of this happening in supers
Timbo, bees as a general rule store pollen close to brood. It is highly unlikely pollen will be put into the Flow frames, they are just too far away. That said if you don’t use a queen excluder, the queen may lay in the super and so some pollen will be stored close by. It’s a cracker of a question though.


That’s good news Rodderick, thank you for your reply. Cheers Tim.


Hi Timbo, bees frequently store pollen in honey supers, sometimes quite thick, but never in great concentrations like they do sometimes in the brood box. However the Flow team are saying that pollen in the Flow frames wont make them hard to crack.


That’s great, thanks for answering Jeff, Tim.


Your most welcome Tim, cheers


I’ve noticed pollen cells in our Flow frames and am curious if anyone has harvested, or robbed, Flow frames with pollen in them yet?


Or “milked”? Referring to another thread. Just humour, sorry! :blush: