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Pollen protein content?


I know there are sources for what to plant for good forage for the bees. But has anyone come across anything that actually breaks down the protein content of specific pollens by plant? It would be interesting to see if the plants with the highest protein content in their pollen are most attractive to the bees. Or if there is any real difference in the protein content. Does anyone have any expertise in this subject?


Here’s something for you Aussies. http://www.honeybee.com.au/Library/pollen/sname.html


Another for the Aussies. http://www.nbba.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Nutritional_Value_of_Bee_Collected_Pollens.pdf


The results of the quality of pollen;



Hello adagna, we are lucky in Australia by the amount of information we can access re pollen protein. Even though a pollen sample may be high in protein in may be deficient in one or more amino acids; that’s why it is always good to see different coloured pollen being brought into the hive. Fatty acids are also believed to be important. A hive may build up spectacularly from the pollen of a certain flower but will just as spectacularly crash later if a follow up of better quality pollen is not forthcoming because they mine their own bodies of protein to feed the brood. It is best not to learn this the hard way like I have & to look for information from published articles and from local experienced beekeepers. There is a case for supplementary feeding of protein supplement if you know the floral source your bees are working is deficient in certain amino acids.
I don’t think high quality pollen is necessarily more attractive to bees; they will even collect pollard from dairies