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Queen Identification


Found this dead bee on top of a brood frame.

Drone (I hope) or my queen?

The end of the abdomen was damaged/missing, so it’s difficult for this noob to be certain.

Thank you.


Looks like a drone. Huge eyes. The giveaway with most queens is that the thorax (round segment behind the head) is almost hairless. This one looks pretty hairy, and the eyes are huge, so I think it is a drone. :wink:


Yep, unmistakable drone… Don’t you just love their big brown eyes, they are so cuddly looking


Definitely a drone. The eyes cover the width of the head.

Compare the eyes:


And dig that beefy build - man-bee for sure


Now you see why a drone can’t get through a queen excluder…


sorry…couldn’t resist


Yes, Jack Nicholson seems to have the same problem…


Definitely a drone. You can easily tell by the blood running out of his ears from having to listen to 50,000 females buzzing orders and directions at him. :grin: