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Possible insecticide kill!



Thankz for your kind words. Being down I’ve lost one colony I think :thinking: I could have saved with an inspection several weeks ago n a few winter patties. Oh well :pensive:… life goes on n I still have 7 colonies out of my autumn start of 10 hives.

Yesterday a new Flow-Hive Newbee came by for some advice n lessons on Flow-frame operation ( I let her check over mine n operate my frames). As a trade she helped me top inspect n add more winter patties. I’m really appreciative to Deb a new (2) Flow-hive2 owner …,

Trying to stay positive n tough up here in Puget Sound.

Happy New Years 2019,


P.S. At least I can sleep n breath fair now but still get winded …


Sorry you havent been feeling well. I was checking the forum while waiting for our fog to lift and then i will be heading out to sneak a quick peak in my remaining hive, drop a winter patty in and to put a new kind of protector/insulator around the hive. It’s basicly an extra outer box that fits around your exhisting hive. Hope 2019 will be a better year for you. Happy New Year🐝


Happy New Year to you Gerry, and you just keep plodding along at your own pace,
Cheers mate


Hi Gerald :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and a happy new year to you :slight_smile: :fireworks:
I hope you had a good one despite the physical pain. I’m sure you had your family around and cooked a few good meals for them :slight_smile: (pictures, of course, please Gerald :wink: ).
The new Flow-bee couldn’t be in better hands than you, and it’s nice to hear you are both supporting each other in your exchange.
I’m just back from my Christmas holidays at Woodford Folk Festval, and letting my muscles recover after a lot of dancing and hoohah!
How are your hives now after probably more cool winter weather there in cloudy WA?
:honeybee: Faroe



Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday n break even if you danced :dancer: the nights away.

Winter here in Western Washington seems average (not too cold). Getting snow in the mountain :mountain: so should give us summer water supply.

With my feeling bad time I didn’t get out to feed Fir :evergreen_tree: Hive n they sadly starved. They were very lean on supplies n with our long dry hot 2018 summer they weren’t up to the task of winter storage. I still have 7 of my 10 cruising thru winter successfully … not counting success until Spring arrives up here in the upper States.

Our winter camellias, bulbs n witch hazel are showing flowers n/or color. This shows all is on time n normal.

Going in today (1/10) to the Vets Hospital to get results on electro cardiogram on my heart. They believe I may have sometkng wrong. Not sweating :sweat: it as there’s little I can do n positive attitude keeps us afloat!

Let me close now … need to go out n feed my hens.



:slight_smile: Nice flowers coming up there Gerald. :sunflower:
I thought you were going to the vets for a minute there and having a laugh :wink: But I know what you mean now. Apparently my mums heart is running the wrong way, and it’s okay, so you never know, you may be wired the other way around too.
I read a while back Coenzyme Q10 can help with heart conditions, worth having a look at :heart:
I’ve also read a lot about mushrooms and their effect in helping the immune system and cancer (of course I’m not giving medical advice, just sharing what I’ve read).
This is in Spanish, but if you have a translator built into your browser you can read them:
There is also a lot of interesting videos and research from Paul Stamets.

Cheerio, and happy researching and video watching :slight_smile:


Prayers for your recovery Gerry and stay strong! :smiley: