Possible Wax Moth/SHB?

So I pulled the inspection boards on the bottom of my hives this past weekend. I apologize, no photos (impossible to use phone w gauntlets on) I found larvae some about 1” long ,3-4mm wide and some about 1/2 in long and about 1mm wide. Couple hives had adult moths crawling on the inspection boards. I pulled a few frames and saw no beetles or larvae in the hive. And saw none of the filmy webbing or slimy honey cells.

I scraped all the inspection boards clean, and some webby stuff was there and some trails in it, but again saw nothing in the hive.

Did I get lucky, or … ?

It sounds to me like you saw wax moth activity. Keep up the inspections & keep everything neat & tidy, with minimal bee deaths & damaged comb… By doing that, you’ll make your own good luck.

Well I went down this morning to inspect and to do mite counts. I only got through 9 of the 15 hives, the heat ran me off. Also the bees were pretty testy. I’ll finish up tomorrow. Good news is, I only found a few moths/larvae on the inspection boards this time, and saw no moth/beetle activity in the hives themselves. Bad news is, I saw 2 hives with mite counts of about 6-8%


Did the rest of the hives this morning, looks like 5 out of 15 have mite levels that warrant treatment. More good news … none of the hives have moth or beetle evidence in the hive itself. Just one had another larva since yesterday.

So … I nee d to treat 5 of the fifteen hives. I was considering treatment with Apiguard this first time around, since it’s screamingly hot in Texas right now.

The documentation suggests using 2 25g packs one week apart during very hot weather, rather than 2 50g packs two weeks apart. Sounds like a dumb question, but would it be the same to just use one 50g pack one week apart? I cannot seem to find the 25g packs