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Preemptive Swarm Control & 9 Frames in a 10 Frame Brood Box


Preemptive swarm control to start a new colony plus I’m showing how I evenly space 9 frames in 10 frame supers.

One hive had a bit of attitude, so instead of trying to weaken out the brood, I took some bees from the top box, plus it was getting late in the day.


Nice jeff, my last trip to my preferred supply store I saw that they had a cool item that spaced out the frames for 9 in a box, though I wonder how well it works once the girls start really working the propolis, more of a guide I guess to get things started.


Hi thanks, I’ve seen things like that but I just leave an equal gap at the start & it works out ok for me. One bloke had a spacer that sat on the ledge he got from the US, however it bought the frames up too close the queen excluser, I thought. If you start off on one side leaving a 3 mil gap on each frame, you’ll be right.