Picked up my new hive this morning

They made a mistake in my favor. I got a 10 frame starter hive instead of the 5 frame Nuc that I ordered. So looks like eventually I’ll have to construct a reducer to put the cedar flow boxes on top. But I won’t have to get a second brood chamber now. It was fun watching them do they’re orientation flights when I opened them. Very nice to finally be back in the game.


Get the second brood box and save the 10 framer for the inevitable swarm catch :slight_smile:


Lol the idea had crossed my mind for sure

Glad you’re back in the game @adagna, how’d the move go?
What is a 10 frame starter hive?
Is your AP up and running again?

No the AP isn’t set back up quite yet. There have been a ton of little projects that have kept us busy. We found the spot where it will go though.

The starter hive is a 5 frame Nuc with 5 extra frames on a 10 frame deep with bottom board and migratory top. Basically everything you’d need to get started.

Ok so there are five empty frames in the box? Sounds like Chilli’s idea is a Goodun then.
How are you planning to overcome the possibility of overheating this time Adam?

I haven’t cracked the lid just yet. I don’t know of the 5 other frames are built out or just foundation. But yes it’s basically a 5 frame Nuc with extra equipment. There is room on my stand for two hives so I may just get a second brood chamber and let the 10 frame be back up

As for over heating it only get full sun from 11a to 2pm. The rest of the day it’s shaded by oleander and huge eucalyptus tree

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I checked in on the ladies this morning and they are already hauling in a good bit of pollen. So it looks as though they’re settling in nicely