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Preparing flow hives using beeswax?


Hi, I’ve joined a bee keeping group and I have the most incredible mentor helping me to establish a hive before my flow hive arrived. Now I have it and he has suggested rolling on bees wax onto the frames to make it a better environment for the bees. Has anyone tried this? How did you do it? I assume you put the frames on the lock position and just roll on a small layer? He suggested two layers. Thanks!


Cristi, this is not required and will probably just make a big mess of your frames. Rolling on wax is for those beekeepers using plastic foundation in the brood or honey supers to help the bees adjust. As long as you have a strong colony in your brood chamber and a honey flow on in your area, the bees will prepare the Flow frames over a 2-3 weeks and then will start using them to store honey for you. The most important factor is a strong hive.


@Cristi I was toying with the idea of taking a chunk of bees wax (melted into 1oz blocks) and rubbing it on the frames just to entice them up - I did put my frames on for 2 weeks in October and they were quite keen to look at them but our flow was pretty much over by then.