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Pricing for nucs etc


Hi all, so I’m just sussing out buying our first bees. I just wondered if there is a common price for nucs or is it just all quite varied? I just want to understand what is good value and what isn’t etc before I start looking. Also on another topic just trying to work out what are the best bees for a very novic beekeeper to get as first bees in SE qld?


The best bees are some of @JeffH’s local mutts. They have a proven ability to thrive in your area, and he likes to raise gentle bees. :blush:


I would get bees only from a reputable commercial bee breeder in your area to start off with. There are a few.
Some rogue beekeepers in the area are known for dodgy practices and using antibiotics to dose for AFB illegally.
Buy from a commercial beekeeper and know the source and get support if anything goes wrong.


Yes I have been meaning to call Jeff :smile: I haven’t quite got there. Four-five kids underfoot and Christmas planning is slowing me down a touch. But it is on my to do list to pick up the phone. Hoping he will be able to advise me on all things bees. :).


Thank you Webclan. Jeff sounds like he is quite reputable to me :slight_smile: I was just trying to do my research first so I don’t have a million questions for him to drive him mad with


Yes, I heard Jeff is great in educating new beeks in his ways.



Wooooo ! 45 kids underfoot would more than slow me down ! You sure you got time for 80,000 plus honeybees in a hive ?? :blush::blush::blush:.

Yaaah ! As mentioned… go with reputable dealer … if you use Jeff’s mut bees as Dawn calls them … you might have to learn to talk to them each day. I’ve heard he’s taught them to shake hands n roll over n play dead (just kidding). You won’t go wrong with Jeff n Wilma’s Muts.

Good luck n happy Beekeeping,



Hi. Maybe make contact with JeffH from Buderim. I have purchased twice from Jeff and not only are his bees exceptional but he will willingly provide heaps of info as it relates to your local conditions.


Lol, not 45 kids, 4 to 5 kids. I have four and we have been having play dates regularly here, so it pushes up to five some days. And no, I’m not sure I have enough time to shower most days, but you know what they say? If you want to get something done, ask a busy person :wink: I’ll just do my best


I was wondering why it was four to five… I guess with four the extras would start to get quite common.

Another vote for Jeff- I am sure whatever price he charges will be a great deal and hard to beat.