Hi from Darwin, NT

Hi everyone - I am just getting started (about to order my Flow Hive - it has taken a little while to find a source of bees in the NT).

I am brand new to bee keeping, so I will probably be a frequent visitor to the forums to start with! Anyone who has any local knowledge that wants to share, I would be very appreciative. I am making my way through the videos and material online, and I realise I have A LOT to learn!


Welcome to the forum, please read and become a regular poster. We are all here to help.

I will be very interested in hearing about your adventures keeping bees in Darwin. Are you in the burbs or out of town on acreage?

I loved my time in the Territory, it is one of my favourite places in Australia.

Welcome, and I am sure that others will welcome you as well.

I’m in the burbs, but we back onto parkland with lots of lakes, trees etc so I’m hoping that will mean a good flow!

First question - what is a reasonable price to pay for a nuc & assistance with a set up? I think the assistance is ongoing for the first month or so? I don’t have a lot of options but I also don’t want to get completely ripped off?

If you have no choice on supplier and they are offering ongoing inspection and mentoring for a month then the question needs to be turned around. How much are you willing to pay to have someone mentor you? This will come down to your self confidence and how much research you have absorbed.

In Perth 5 frame nuc’s vary in price but generally go for between $100 - $120 on Facebook and Gumtree, this is a bit of a lottery on what you will get. Buying from the commercial bee providers ensures that you are getting known source queens with good attributes, many of the commercial queens are bred and mated offshore on Rottnest Island.

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A big welcome to the forum and the forum has great folk happy to pass on info, tips and advice.
I’m thinking you will have a bee keeping equipment shop in Darwin and that would be a great starting point to locate a local group who will be invaluable for you with local information and support.
Don’t hold back with questions, as you don’t already know the answers none will ignored. We were all beginners with the same questions and not feeling real sure in the beginning.

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I just got my first Nuc yesterday and installed today. i paid $220 for 4 frames brood 1 frame honey and a marked queen of italians if that helps. ive seen the price vary a bit but. Ive already asked plenty of question and no doubt will come up with some more shortly.

i know what has been an amazing book to read is robert owens beekeeping guide. amazing book and covers lots of topics. good to have on hand i think.



Greetings and welcome to the mad house. :crazy_face::crazy_face::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿:+1:

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Read, read, and read a lot. Terry’s advice is spot on.

Buying from an unknown source can be risky. Just ask me. I first had nucs booked early with someone that never materialised. By that time I was late to order from the commercial shops. I ended up buying from some randoms on gumtree and I’m very disappointed. One nuc was unmaintained. The other had a totally empty frame and just a few bees, and is now struggling.

Ideally, get to know your source and make sure that if there is a problem, they can address it.

The “mentors” I approached in my area were way too expensive to justify the expense. At the end, I’m just chimping along, and keeping my fingers crossed.

I read that book a few times now I think. It is good to start with but I’m realising that is nowhere as comprehensive. I’d say borrow it from the library. You can also borrow it as an eBook.

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Unfortunately some ‘mentors’ have forgotten the help often given freely to them or at a modest price to cover their expenses.
Bee keeping for most is just an interest and a hobby, most beginners need a bit of reassurance and guidance and it is sad that some people have forgotten their past as we were all beginners. The great thing about bee keeping is you never stop learning and being amazed.


Hi there,
I’m also in Darwin burbs, new to bees and have a flow hive ready to set up. How did you go? I’d be really interested in finding out who you sourced bees from and anything else that can help me get started. Am planning to get in touch with the commercial honey producer at Bees ck but thought Id check this forum first. I did do a beekeeping course in Victoria a year or so ago so will be reading back through the notes etc. Anyway, its good to know there’s others up here.

Hi ! I’m in Darwin too and have just purchased a flow hive - very excited - I did a natural bee keeping course up here a few years ago and have been wanting bees ever since :slight_smile: how is your hive going ? I am brand new to this so any hints very welcome… justine