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Producing comb on top of frames outside of foundation


I just got my first hive and installed my nuc last weekend. I’m preparing for my first inspection end of this week but I noticed the bees have started to produce comb on the top of the frame outside of the foundation.

When I inspect it this weekend should I clean up the top of the frame and scrap off the comb?

Hi Christina and welcome to the forum, there is lots of reading and advice available here.
It sounds like you colony is out growing the hive size already if they are making comb down from the roof. Without pics or more information I’m thinking if your nuc is in a 4 or 5 frame nuc box I would quickly transfer them into a full depth 8 or 10 frame brood box straight away and begin making plans for a super to be fitted as you still are in the height of your summer and the colony will be wanting to expand. It is your job as a bee keeper to give them room to build up the colony while they can.
There is valid points for and against deciding on either an 8 or 10 frame sized hive so I would follow what other locals do that suits the climate. But I would do it now so that the bees will have work to do and not become angry being over crowded and bored.

My first answer like @Peter48’s is yes, you should.

However, without a photo of your hive, I now have a question. Did you use a crown board/inner cover on top of the box? Often when bees build above the main brood nest, it is because you have given them extra space. Without seeing your setup, I can’t help you to prevent this from happening again. :wink:

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