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Transferring nuc box comb into new frames

hi, ive recently bought 2 nuc boxes, and they have 2 frames in each and the bees have made 2 of their own comb in the boxes next to the 2 frames, would i need to cut the comb out of the box, and put them into fresh brood frames and secure them with rubber bands or what do i do about this? thanks!

You could to that if the combs are perfectly built worker comb & you can fit them into frames without doing much damage. Personally, I like to use foundation frames, therefore I’d probably discard the comb in preference for supplying the bees with fresh foundation frames. I like all my brood frames to finish up with at least 95% worker comb. I always work to that end.

thank you for the tips, i like that idea also :slight_smile:

If they are small nucs, use the comb. Later if you want to you can move those frames out but in the short term don’t throw away the effort they have put in.


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i appreciate the help thank you