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Production QC Problem


Received my flow hive and assembled. Used clamps and carpenter square. Multiple pilot holes were not drilled. The sides were warped and did not fit square. Despite serious effort placed in keeping square prior to placing screws, many cracks occurred in the finger joints when placing screws. There are significant gaps. I am very disappointed with the quality of what I received. With the forethought and design that was clearly involved in perfecting the design I must believe this stems from a manufacturing quality control problem. I am remarkably disappointed. The damage to the brood box in particular is irreparable and sad. Wish I had just purchased a high-end standard Langstroth hive from a reputable and experienced supplier. :frowning:


If you send photos to faults at honey flow.com (take out the spaces between faults and com, and replace the at with an @), with your original order number and order e-mail address, they will work fast to replace anything needed and put it right for you. @Faroe has helped several people with this kind of issue, and that is her usual advice.


Sorry for your QC problem. Please contact us with photos and your order number or email address so that we can organise the replacement parts to be sent out to you asap.



Same here…zero QC.


I just got done assembling mine as well and find that there are many short sides on the QC side as well. I will post up my feedback.
-The door for the flow frame needs a draft on it. You cannot rely on a 2 d wood profile to slip fit.
-side window was over tolerance pocket under tolerance. Had to chisel out a wider pocket.
-no pilots or misdrilled pilots.
-poor fitting finger joints in general.
-roof frame does not butt. I doubt it will survive the CO winter worth 2 screws per end.
-no recess for the aluminum stiffener plate either which means a gap between boxes.

I know you guys can do better. I might suggest just an edge cap vs box joints for mass production. I ended up gluing mine just to try and fill the gaps. Its cold here and i want my girls warm over the winter.

I’m an engineer. .I like my reinforcements wherever possible and things to fit together if I paid good money for them.