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Progress report of one of my hives - 57 kg harvested in 6 months, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


I harvested four frames of honey from one of my hives today. I’ve been keeping notes since the 18th of July of which frames I harvest when. Today I added up my entries and realised that I have harvested a total of 19 frames, or approximately 57 kilograms of honey from that hive in less than 6 months. Unfortunately I don’t have the date but this hive was established in March 2018 and requeened in August with the six month older queen going into a split I made in late winter. Very happy with its progress. Our winter here is mild and bees forage year round so I expect it to continue to produce well for the next six months also. Then it will be time for spring splits again! :slight_smile:


Fabulous. I am very jealous. In parched southern California, we got 4kg of honey this year from our Flow hive, and we were lucky to get that. :wink:


Year round foraging is a blessing. My hives collect a SMALL amount of nectar over winter so its seasonal here. Sounds like you are having a great time with your “pets” :sunglasses:



Dawn, our beekeeping experiences are very different I know. I don’t think I would have the fortitude to deal with the many things northern hemisphere beekeepers have to battle. Here, my biggest problems are dealing with the excess -checking they have enough space, harvesting in a timely manner, finding homes for splits etc. It is a much bigger ‘job’ than I anticipated. The honey, though, is amazing.


That sounds great Cathie! Some photos or videos would be great :slight_smile: