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Propolizing the corflute


One of my hives is decidedly more grouchy than the others. I assume they must have had a coup and replaced the Italian queen and the new queen mated with Africanized bees. Besides the tendency to come at me if I so much as look at their hive, I noticed that they keep gluing the corflute in place. I have it in the bottom slot as weather is still warm here (SW USA). To inspect/clean it, I have to use my hive tool to break the propolis followed by pliers and a lot of force to get it out. Is this behavior typical of Africanized honeybees? I’ve read they are more hygenic so maybe this is part of that. Or are they trying to tell me something (like close that hole in the bottom of our home)? I don’t see this behavior on either of my other two Italian hives.


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Pull out board stuck