Replacement for corflute board?

Total newbie here needing advice:
Has anyone replaced their corflute base with an aluminium tray with oil in it to catch unwanted bugs that settle in the hive? If so, did you make the tray yourself or where did you source it?

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I have used the furry table cloth idea described in the Flow Hive Videos for Small Hive Beetle.

I too would be interested to hearing if anyone has found a tray that fits or can be made to fit with minor modification.
Have another hive with a SBB and oil tray, inspected yesterday and found 3 SHB in the oil and 6 larva.
Interesting the larva had also gone through the SBB but makes sense as they would be looking for the easiest way out of the hive and no doubt be harassed by the bees.

I don’t think SHB are a major problem in my area with cold winters but plenty of bees trucked in for pollination and chasing the summer flow so no doubt SHB arrive with them.

220, SHB would freeze up your way.

They would Bruce so I don’t see them being a major problem but lots of bees trucked in for pollination work and chasing the flow, no doubt SHB will arrive each year with the bees and conditions are suitable for them to breed over summer.
What I have seen so far may well have been in the frames when I got them will be interesting to see.
Bees don’t seem to have to much trouble with the oil tray, only 4 or 5 drowned in it.

220, mate I will put the cloth back in tomorrow once I stiffen the plastic slider so it does not bend and not seat properly at the front end, reckon thats why the bees were getting onto the cloth, its all good fun.