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Protection against vespa velutina


So they catch the bees in the air for the honey?


Thank you for your good thought, me (engineer), my colleague (PHD in Chemistry) and guys from “Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle” needed your great experience with that kind of hornet.

We are putting some wax/honey cap from the extraction in our trap to lure them and it works fine.

We got some honey leak from a supper after a 40 degree C day cause we put the bee escape to empty it. There was like 10 hornets eating the honey from the side of the hive and none of them gave a damn about the bees. They eat the honey for themselves, they catch the bees for their colony and they seem to prefer the honey.


Not sure if it’s the translation, but don’t quite understand this part of your comment?


some reading on this & related species

just a matter of time before they make it to the states


Here is a vidéo of hornets on our hives and a nest at 100m :frowning:


Let’s hope not. (silly padding to make 20 characters)


how do Chinese honey bees survive?


We had bee catcher wasps in South Africa. We put a few buckets of water out and for some reason the bee catchers mistook their reflection for a bee and dove into the water and drowned. It was a dry place (Karoo) so maybe they were not used to seeing water.
The problem was that the bees were so scared that they would not leave the hive to forage with the wasps buzzing about close to the hive entrance.
This was a long time ago and I’m in Canada now so hopefully we will not have to deal with these wasps here.


Hi alex how goes thongs about velutina? I am from northwest of spain its desastre here.next year we are
Going to try electric trap.we will see. Do you have any news ideas?



The season is over, we have remove the protection and only let the green plate from nicot to reduce the entrance.

Now that leaves did go down, we have found more than 10 nest in 500m radius, they are everywhere :frowning:

Everything must be tested, the eletric harp seems to be a good product, but too expensive for us.


Home made trap. Its in spanish… cost about 10 E. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2RlBYy3Z18


Shop are selling one for 400 euro here …

Here is some design if you need them : http://mielleriedesgraves.over-blog.com/2015/09/plan-d-une-harpe-ou-museliere-electrique-anti-frelon.html


Thank you, if you will have some news ideas about how to fight with these pest infestation, share it please. With regards P.


Would you be interested in sharing your pattern?


I will take photos from differents angles.
We don’t have the blueprints.


Here is the pictures :


You can buy plastic hive protectors now, same idea behind it


We changed the system this year.
We installed an electric harp produce by api protection.

We didn’t installed the old protection cause after 1 month the bees stoped going out.
We only putted entry size reductor from nico.


Fipronil is the answer