Providing Water to Neighboring Beehives

We set up a small kiddie pool with rocks for landing spots as a watering hole for our bees. After watching who is using the water and where they fly off to, it appears our bees are not using the pool but the neighbor’s bees, who are maybe 1/2 mile away, are using the water spot.
I’m wondering if we should disassemble this water spot and use the front hive entrance waterers instead? The reason I’m asking is, the neighbor bees robbed our hive out last fall and if we continue to provide water for the neighbor bees, is that incentive for them to rob our hive again this fall?
Thanks in advance for your input.

I would be inclined to leave it as it is. On second thoughts your bees may have found a different water source to use, therefore it wouldn’t hurt to remove it. I think it’s six of one, half a dozen the other whether to leave it there or remove it.

Bare in mind that any flowering plants in your garden will also attract your neighbors bees. You probably wouldn’t remove them…

I think the best strategy is to keep your colony strong & keep your entrance reduced to the minimum recommendation for the size of your colony. I read that an entrance needs to be no more than 15, I’m assuming for a strong colony.

In 34 yrs., I’ve never left water out for my bees. I assume they find it from somewhere.

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Thank you for your reply JeffH. Maybe, we will just leave it as is for now.

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I guess another way to look at it is that your bees are probably using your neighbours water source they’ve left out for their bees.:wink:

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