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Bee Watering Station


Hey all, Just thought Id post what I decided to do for my bees for a water source. We are semi-rural, (we have about 60 acres) so I thought Id save them using their energy flying far and wide to find water. I placed a cinder block on its side, a 5 gal bucket on top and made a nice cedar enclosure to dress it up a bit. I cut a circular cedar disk that fits the bottom of the bucket and drilled holes in it so the girls can land and get water. As the water level drops so does the landing pad. I change the water weekly to keep it clean. Enjoy! M


Nice skills. How did you do the bee cut out?



Thx Adam, I used a drill and a jig saw. It would be cleaner and easier if you had a scroll saw though. I used a Kreg jig to put the cedar boards together.



I have a scroll saw (jigsaw mounted), but I couldn’t achieve anything close to the beauty you have created. Thank you for sharing. :blush:


You’re welcome, thanks for the kind words Dawn!



Nice job(in twenty characters)


Thanks! (in twenty characters to you, ha!)


That’s setting the bar very high :slightly_smiling_face: