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Putting together my first a hive

Hi from Otago New Zealand. I have put through an order for my first flow hive and extremely excited. I have absolutely no experience but have been reading as much as I can.

My first question that hopefully more experienced people can help me with…I have been looking at the cost of a Nuc and extra frames and boxes etc. In my search I have found a great buy in my local area of 3 established hives for sale that include 3boxes each with 1 brood box and frames, bases and queen excluder. They have been checked over by local DEC inspector apparently and confirms there are no diseases or pests. It’s the middle of summer here in nz and not sure but perhaps have missed my chance to find swarm. Am I taking on to much at once or should I go for it? He will even deliver them for me although he doesn’t know I’m inexperienced yet!

I answered on the other thread where you made an identical posting… :blush: Click on this to read it:


I think you have an opportunity here but you are well advised to get plenty of mentoring if you take on the task.

Is the person who wants to sell you the hives available to help you learn? Is there anyone else local who can give you support?