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Queen Mating flight Video


Not sure if anyone else saw this on Facebook, the Facebook flow hive information, this apparently was filmed in the late 70s I think, but it shows the mating flight of a queen as well as talked to the popping noise that occurs very cool video



Yes ! Very interesting video. I’ve seen it several times before but it’s still an amazing review ! Thanks for sharing Bro ! Gerald


Lotsa drones at the window peepin’ over my shoulder at this.
Dirty bastards.


It shows a tethered queen …poor blooming thing. She looks glued to the tether.
I haven’t seen this one but have seen others tethered on a wire.


It was the description and everything that took place but I was more intrigued by, I had heard the male pops upon mating in a lecture but nothing that was really well documented

I thought the queen likely mated with more than 10 to 20 drones but only 6 to 10 is what the video talked about


Maybe they meant per mating flight. Queens can choose to make more than one mating flight. :blush:


a not-so happy ending…


Depends on the male… :smiling_imp: