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Queenright Hive with mutiple eggs in some cells, no drone brood


I just rescued this literal box of bees from an overgrown area being cleared. I finally got the time to go through them and put them in a proper box with frames.
I found a nice fat queen and a ton of bees.
In some of the comb there were sections with just one egg and other cells with up to 3 eggs in it.
I dont think its a laying worker as there is a queen in there, but does it make sense that she had very little real estate to work in, and thats the reasoning?
Should i bring a frame of fresh brood from another hive with eggs and just ditch the comb from the cardboard box? I only was able to salvage a single deep worth of useable comb.

Thanks allot!

I caught a little swarm a few months ago that was just like that: it had a nice fat looking queen- but some cells had multiple eggs. After a month the entire colony suddenly absconded- leaving the hive completely empty. No dead bees- just all gone.

These girls were quite happy and established in their box, they were bringing in pollen, but we are just coming out of a dearth.

What I would do is introduce that frame of brood like you suggest, then flank both frames with frames containing fresh foundation. Ideally, full worker comb stickies would be the way to go, if you had any. As the bees clean the honey out, the queen will lay straight into them. Even with fresh foundation, the queen wont wait for the comb to get fully drawn. She’ll start laying in shallow comb. Then the bees will work around the eggs to finish building the comb out.

Only keep the comb from the cardboard box if you think it will benefit the colony. I only keep worker brood.

I would make another assessment of the queens performance after a week or so.