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Question about splitting hives

I am new to beekeeping. When is it to late to split a have in the southern part of the US. I have a hive that is packed in all the sides and the front of the frame but haven’t started capping the outer part yet but have a lot of honey in them. Wondering should i split now or wait till later. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

You are getting late in the season now to split. Splits are best done at the beginning of the main nectar flow. For you, that would probably be late March to mid-April. For most of in the southern parts of the US, the main nectar flow is over by early July. A split would find it very difficult to build up to overwintering strength with the remaining season. It can be done, with careful monitoring and feeding, but it may not be easy.

Are you seeing queen cells? Any specific reason for splitting rather than adding a super? :thinking:

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