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Question : Bees Feeding

I’m a newbie to beekeeping…i want to ask do you really need to feed your bees, i dont mind feed them sugar syrup if that no gonna be a problem for my bees.Do you need alot of flower and what type of flower

Hi Faiz,
Your questions are very encompassing and the specifics quite lengthy.
I suggest you search the forum ( hit the little magnifying glass in top right corner and type in your question) as there a many many posts on the topics you raise.

Additionally there are a lot of books out there and Google search will turn up plenty. You digest all the answers you get and then make a decision you feel comfortable with.


Hi Faiz. These are very basic questions, and I really think you should read a book on beekeeping before you even think about starting. The book called “Beekeeping for Dummies” is a pretty good place to start.

You may or may not need to feed your bees. It will depend on your location and the availability of forage for them. You should not need to feed them all year round. Bees need flowering plants for honey and pollen. They will travel up to a couple of miles to find flowering plants, but not all flowers are suitable for them. Plants which they like include many flowering herbs (lavender, rosemary, basil), fruit trees and nut trees. You really should try to find a beekeeper in your local area, and/or tell us where in the world you are located. We will try to help, but local expertise would be best.