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Question on Winterizing Need Advice

I was away for three weeks, during that time the temperature went from 65-80 down to 10-50.

I saw a lot of dead bees outside the hive. One Wasp harrasing the bees, which I killed.

I have the entrance reducer with the metal meshsee in the picture. When shoul I close the smaler entrances and leave one open? Also I sealed with tale the entrance I had created between the two brood boxes.

Here is the strange thing I opened up the top cover and saw a lot of comb been built in the top half, but there were no bees. It looked like a ghost town. So I could see a lot of comb was done but not filled or capped. So I feed them some sugar. I could see some bees had frozen in the top box, is this a normal population or did they not store enough and lead to half the size of the colony being ready to start winter? Would feeding now help? Will the queen boost the Population or is this all she will keep till February?


Press your ear hard to the sides. Can you hear bees?
If the bottom box is well filled with stores I would expect the bees to be there and they will move up to the stores in the top box through the winter. Need to feed? How heavy is the hive? Put candy on top as an insurance if you want but unless the weather warms up the bees won’t go up to it. I would definitely put some insulation in the roof.
That number of bees is normal for a tidy up after a cold spell