Rapid feeder for flow hive classic... how to address the gap problem?

Hello all.
I’ve got a Flow Hive Classic (7 frames) and until now I’ve been using the small rapid feeders with success. Given the recent dearth of nectar (it’s been a really weird spring here in the UK) I have been feeding my ladies, and just invested in a full-size feeder with a Langstroth eke to give it space.
But because of the tilt on the hive (for flow collection purposes) most of the syrup ends up at the bottom end of the feeder–probably leaving a good litre inaccessible to the bees.
I’ve wedged it with a piece of wood so that it’s a bit more level, but this of course leaves a gap between the feeder and the crown board. I’ve closed off as much as I can with an old t-shirt, but this isn’t an ideal solution. It’ll be OK in the warm weather but I wouldn’t want to do it when the weather gets cold.
Has anyone faced this and solved it? Or got some bright ideas? I’m thinking a largish wooden wedge would work but I’m baulking at the skills needed to produce such a thing!

I’ve just lived with it.

Instead of wedge you could just use a longish black to get it to the right height and then use foam that will compress to be the wedge part…

Just wedge the underside of the back of the hive (feet or bottom board, depending on which model you have). You only need a 2-3° angle to counter the Flow tilt. A couple of shims used for tilting furniture (or even door stops) should work well while you are feeding, then you can remove them.


I was thinking foam might help. Have to see if I have any around.

Yeah, I woke up this morning thinking that counter-tilting the whole thing back to the level would work–obviously we’re not harvesting while feeding.
The Flow 3 should probably have a level brood box to crown board, and the wedge to go under the super only :wink:

I level my hives except when harvesting, maybe this is incorrect?

It is not incorrect. That sounds good. If I am expecting rainy weather, I even change the angle to tilt the hive forward. Bees are like me, they hate having cold, wet feet! :blush:


Thanks everyone for your input.
When I got home tonight I found a gash piece of wood of exactly the right thickness and slotted it under the rear of the hive, bringing the top level.

I’ll try to remember to remove it before I put the super on!