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Ready to harvest?

Due to weather and time I am wondering if what I see in the rear window is an indication of what the whole frame is like
It would be handy to have an observation window in the front too.
My concern is if they started for instance in the middle of the frame to the rear and the front of the frame is only partially filled.

I am only a newbee too, but I had the same question not long ago… and I reckon the best thing to do is inspect the super frames, its the only way to know for sure how far the bees have capped honey :slight_smile:

Thats how mine looked the day before I harvested.

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Yes that is what I expected really, but as it raining thankfully it has been very dry
I am reluctant to open it up
I guess I can always wait I also have a regular full super on top of the flow hive
I will most likely swap these around now that the flow has been used and have the flow on top.
1 super for the bees over winter and 1 for me :grin:

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It’s more than likely those frames are ready to harvest. The rear window can be very misleading - at times there can be virtually no honey there at all and a frame that is 98% capped and more than ready to harvest. Other times (especially spring) the rear window looks good but the central frames are half empty with a large unfilled arc at the bottom. If i was you I’d be very keen to look at a few of those frames and get to harvesting if they are ready. That honey is looking real good. I don’t think I’d wait…

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Open the hive and have a look.

You cant judge it by looking at the windows. its a nice to see thing but not a clear indication.

looks good right?

but then

you have to inspect. having a flow doesnt stop the fact you need to inspect like a langstroth.


Love, love, love that post! Shows it all. Never harvest without inspecting.



Yeah, take note of the above post. That’s what we get too. All windows full but on inspection it’s mostly arcs of honey with the centre filled last and not ready.

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I harvested and got over 2 litres
The bees were trying to fix it and fill it again before it had finished
I will be swapping the other super and the flow around in the next few days so the flow is on top and the honey I intend to leave behind is nearer the brood box
Thanks for the suggestions.

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